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Dorcas Pittman, takes you on a journey of breaking her silence as she navigates her faith journey of healing from past trauma such as abandonment, molestation, rape, and addiction while battling mental illness.

They triumphed over him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony... - Revelations 12:11a


Eye-opening. Vulnerable. Powerful. This is the mesmerizing story of a woman who has faced seemingly insurmountable obstacles, fought, fell, and triumphed. This is a story of faith that has been tested and strengthened. This is a story of love and redemption. Dig deep and take the journey through pain and challenges that end in hope.

Dr. Leesha Ellis-Cox

Board Certified Child, Adolescent,

and Adult Psychiatrist

With this book, Dorcas Pittman courageously shares her trauma while also graciously revealing her struggles throughout the complex healing process. In doing so, she invites us to begin our own processes of healing and shows us what incorporating our faith can look like as we do. It is an honor and a help to know her story and learn from her example.

Abby Santiago, LCSW

For the longest, I felt as if I could not live an everyday life again but Breaking The Silence changed that for me. I discovered that I’m not the same however my new norm is an everyday life. It truly captivates your attention through the transparency of the author, Dorcas. Breaking The Silence gives steps to stepping into your authentic self. I made a serious change after reading Breaking The Silence. I AM NOT THE SAME. I definitely have a different perspective on life after reading.

Monique Singleton

This is my journey from


“Statistically you should be dead by suicide or heavily addicted to drugs, however, you are sitting here today and I am amazed that you are a functioning adult.” My therapist spoke these words as I sat on the loveseat in her quaint office about 2 months into my healing journey. As I sat there, reflecting on how close I had come to those dark places, I felt a sense of gratitude and relief wash over me because at that moment I knew that God had something great in store for me.

A book collaboration with Dr. Janelle Simmons. In this book Dorcas Pittman shares her journey from Darkness 2 Hope and how one statement from her therapist shifted her entire perspective.

Join us in the powerful journey of Women of Hope, a magazine designed specifically for black women seeking empowerment. With a commitment to featuring WOMEN OF HOPE making a profound impact through entrepreneurship or ministry, we illuminate the stories of those uplifting communities and the Kingdom of God.

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